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How to Visualize – Manifest Your Dreams


Learning how to visualize is an important step in getting what you want out of life. This is a remarkably effective thing to do, so it is surprising that visualization methods are not more common. Harness the power for yourself as soon as possible!

So how to visualize?

It’s actually a lot easier than you think. The chances are good that you see images in your mind all the time. Reading a novel and talking to someone as they tell you a story are both things that provoke visualization.

Even though you visualize all the time in the background, you need to turn this skill into something you can use to get exactly what you want. You can’t just skim the surface and expect to get results, you have to go deep into a stage of visualization and really start to own it.

Painting a picture in your mind means blocking everything else out. You can’t have any distractions at all. Do you have the problem many people have where all you can think about is some kind of impending doom? Maybe you’re in debt or you are nervous about a public speaking event coming up. You probably don’t have any problems visualizing those at the time because your emotions are involved. Instead of emotionally involving yourself in the negative aspects of your life you should emotionally involve yourself in the positive things you’re trying to attract. Many people think that they can just say or think, “I want that” and expect it to happen. If you don’t focus your vision and harness that emotional energy you’ll have a hard time getting the things you desire out of life.

Start out by creating a vivid picture in your mind of you already having achieved your goals. Really make yourself feel the emotions as if they were happening right then. Since you’re creating a state of utter happiness and you’ve “already” reached your goal your brain will start to force itself to create that path.

Many people will make the mistake of not being specific enough. You really have to get very detailed with what you visualize. Do you want a new car? See every single nook and cranny of that car in your mind. Feel the fabric, smell the fresh interior, feel the rubber of the tires. Hear the sound of the engine as you turn the key.

You have to focus on visualization and repeat the process at least once a day for a full ten minutes. It is recommended that you do it more often! The more frequently you use the power of visualization the more the ideas will sink into your mind and manifest.

Learning how to visualize is not hard, but it does take discipline. Make this the first day of the rest of your life as you use the power of visualization to really make your dreams come true.

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