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The Use of Affirmations As Positive Brainwashing


Brainwashing is a term perceived in a negative way by most people. But you know what; I think our brains could actually do with a bit of a wash sometimes!

You see, everyone comes into this world with a clear mind, and a belief that everything is possible. All is positive and well. Remember as a child, you could do and become everything, without any boundaries! As we grow up however, we pick up beliefs, fears and limitations from our surroundings and peers that gradually form the person we are today. A lot of these beliefs unfortunately are negative and as we build our lives they limit us in our actions and being. Very often they therefore contribute to unhappiness or feeling unfulfilled in our lives and business. It can be the smallest –seemingly harmless- remark from a mother like “just let me handle that, you are no good at that” that can convince you that you are not good at a certain task. A teacher who calls a pupil “the clumsy one” can do more harm with this remark than he realizes when repeated often enough. With every remark the belief is harnessed further in the child that it indeed is clumsy. Even though a remark is said with a smile or with the intent to be funny, it still leaves a legacy in the belief system.

This programming of course doesn’t stop at adulthood; [Continue reading →]

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Are You Sticking To Your New Years Resolutions?


How are you doing with your New years’ resolutions? Are you still acting strongly upon them, on your way to attracting your dream life? Are you loosing that weight as you promised yourself, and are you on your way to buying that dream car? Are you? Or have your goals silently drifted away with the days of January passing by… Or even worse, have you actively given up on them? Be honest here… .If you are actually taking the actions to make them happen, well done!! If you haven’t, what happened? What stopped you?

I confess, this is almost a rhetorical question. For most people it gets very very challenging to stick to those great ideas passionately born at the end of December with the true intent to this time make them happen. Because things get in the way, life gets in the way… and it is quite challenging to keep focused and inspired. Well, [Continue reading →]

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11 Forgotten Laws of Law of Attraction Free Teleseminar


“The Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me!!”

I wonder if you ever felt that way?

Have you ever wondered why the Law of Attraction seems to be working for other people except you?

Well, let me tell you there was a point in time I felt exactly like that. Sometimes the Law of Attraction would work, but most of the time I could not make it work. I’m sure you know how frustrating that can be right?

Well… I’m sure you can imagine my delight when I found out that there are actually 11 Laws. That’s right. Eleven laws. Now, I’m not the expert here, and I don’t even know how to begin explaining these other laws to you.

But I’m writing to tell you that Bob Proctor and Alex Mandossian will.

Yup, I just found out that [Continue reading →]

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How To Visualize and What to Avoid


When you learn how to visualize it can seem a little overwhelming. After all, it means changing the habits of your entire thought process. That is not something that many people can easily do! Don’t worry, it is entirely possible for you to use the right techniques as long as you know what to avoid.

  1. Not fully trusting in the Law of Attraction

    The first mistake that people make is not fully trusting in the law of attraction. Society puts a lot of doubts into your mind and it can be very hard to believe that you can basically order what you want. Even if you have the best intentions to try this out you can really mess up your results by not fully believing. In order to get over this hump you need to think about what you have to lose. There are millions of people all over the world who successfully manifest what they want in life. All you need to do is take a chance and turn off your doubts.

  2. Don’t visualize in the right way

    Another mistake that people make is when they don’t visualize in the right way. It can be frustrating to think about what’s “right” and “wrong” at first, [Continue reading →]

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How To Visualize Is The Secret – Your Life Is Up To You


There has been a lot of buzz surrounding The Secret these days. The reason is obvious! It sounds absolutely wonderful to just learn how to visualize and suddenly get what you want. Well, there is a lot more to it than that but you really can live the life you choose to live.

The Secret is widely known as a movie that was actually adapted from some older wisdom. There are people who have been incredibly successful since the beginning of time and the only difference between the people who do have success and those who do not is that they know the Secret.
A large part of the secret is about visualizing what you want. It’s not a matter of just creating a picture in your mind, you have to believe in your mind that you already have your desire. You have to feel as though you’ve reached your goal already.

Once you have set it in your mind that you’ve reached your goal, [Continue reading →]

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How to Visualize Successfully – You Don’t Know The Secret Without It


If you’re trying to learn how to visualize you might feel overwhelmed with information. There is no reason to worry! You can be very successful at using the law of attraction and following The Secret if you know the right things to do.

You see, there are certain steps that you need to take in order to manifest the things you want in your life. If you miss these you’re a lot less likely to see the kind of success you want to see.

The first important thing that a lot of people miss is to write your desires down. A lot of people think that in order to visualize you have to do everything in your head. While a lot of these techniques are focused on your mind, [Continue reading →]

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How To Visualize and Law of Attraction – The Secret to Changing Your Life


Have you ever considered that you can “order” whatever you want from the universe? It’s amazingly true once you learn how to use the law of attraction. You can start to manifest the exact things you want in your personal, work, and home life.

The law of attraction has to do with your thoughts and emotions and what they bring into your life. The thought is that if you are constantly being negative you will only attract negative things. If you start to think positively and have strong, happy emotions about the things you want you’ll attract those instead.

This all sounds wonderful, but many people will find it hard to switch their thoughts from negative to happy. Most don’t even realize it when they’re being negative! It’s best to start out slowly by [Continue reading →]

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